Sunday, May 6, 2007


One of the coolest things about Austin, Texas is it's many swimming holes. Our city takes great pride in the fact that it has numerous pools, lakes and springs for folks to enjoy. One of the oldest pools in town is Deep Eddy. This pool lies on the banks of Town Lake and is completely spring fed. For the past five years the Friends of Deep Eddy organization has sponsored a 2 kilometer swim in Town Lake to raise money for the pool. This year my daughter, Rachel and I decided to participate in the swim. Swimming is a big part of both our lives. She is a competitive age-group swimmers and I have been swimming at the masters level for over seven years. This, however, was the first time we had done an event together.Here's a view of Town Lake. It's actually a part of the Colorado River. My husband came out to cheer us on and take these pictures.These were the lead swimmers. They finished the race in about 26 minutes. That's actually a little slower than years past, but there was a bit of a head wind today.This swimmer is my dear, sweet, Rachel. She was relatively easy to spot. The youth age group swimmers were given bright yellow caps to wear and Rachel had on a suit with neon green accents. I'm proud to say that Rachel won her age group and in fact was the first youth finisher either male or female.Here I am emerging from the water. I came in about nine minutes after Rachel, but I too had a very good swim and a fabulous time.

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