Friday, August 17, 2007

Week in Review

OK. This is the second time I've posted a week in review, which, in my world, practically makes it a tradition. I don't want to commit to a weekly review because, the minute I do, that will be the death knell of the entire idea. It seems like the viability of an idea is greatly reduced by verbalizing it. Why is that? And am I the only one who suffers from this syndrome?
Anyway, here's my week in review, as we say in Hebrew, bli neder(meaning: without committing to anything).I started this pillow before I left for Mexico.
I used some much loved fabric and buttons for the back.Another twinkle pillow, this time in more muted tones.Except for the back.I also made more of my E block fabric. I'm planning on adding it to my store , but I haven't taken enough pictures yet. Maybe in next week's review, I'll have more shots of this and other fabric. Bli neder, of course.


David A. M. Wilensky said...

I am now listing yor blog in my misc.blogroll category.

BTW, I've never really taken time to look at your work before and it really is good looking stuff!

Tamar said...

You are most definitely not the only one who suffers from the "verbalize at your peril" syndrome! In fact, I should really take your cue, shut up already, and make "bli neder" my official motto. :)

The pillows are fantastic, and I'm so excited to hear that you sell your beautiful fabric. (How did I miss this before?) You'll let us know when it's up in the shop, right?

Badecca said...

I am especially fond of that special green pillow. Your work is really different take than the other patchwork I'm seeing out there. I recognize a number of the fabrics, but then you really make them your own by your stitching and dyeing techniques. Looking forward to more...