Thursday, September 20, 2007

D is for

Digression. Yes, this is my lame/clever way of getting around whatever ambiguous rules there may be to this alphabet thing and do what I want to do. I want to show off Abi's latest creations.
Abi's been making softies for a while now, but lately she's been interested in making them to sell. So, I told her we could photograph a couple and that I would put them in my Etsy store. She's very excited about this and I'm pretty jazzed as well. Really, it appeals to me on multiple levels. First, though I have three wonderful girls and each has amazing talents of her own, Abi is the only one that seems interested in sewing, knitting, etc. Secondly, As a home schooler, I see this as a fabulous learning experience. Not only does she have to design, cut and sew the animals, but she's got to figure out what her( really my) materials cost, how she values her time and what she can reasonably price things at. She also has to help with the photography, a great opportunity to learn about that, and describe( in written form) her creation. This is not just a teachable moment, its got to count as at least a couple of hours.


kristin L said...

The purple hippo creature is adorable! What a wonderful homeschooling moment. Kudos to you and Abi!

jude said...

the digression is delightful!