Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What up?

Well I tried to answer that question last night, but blogger had other ideas. They were happy to let me add words to my blog, but no visuals. And, I can't imagine a post without pictures.
OK. Here's what up.

I finished the custom order I was working on and happily am working on another custom order.

That necessitates a fair amount of dye work, so I've also been working on that. Unfortunately, I'm not one to have my camera ever at the ready, so I don't have images of the fabric in progress, but I'll probably add the fabric and anything finished from it to my flickr page. I tend to be much better about updating that than I am this blog. It's the words, I think. I don't have to write much to update my flickr page, not even a description. Its not that I don't like writing, its just that there's always someone talking to me and writing takes the kind of concentration that demands quiet.
Anyway there's more.
I've updated my shop with this and more. I'd post pictures of those as well, but once again blogger is giving me a hard time with pictures. So, I guess that will be all for now(whether I like it or not). I'm a visual person and without the images, I'm more than a bit lost. Hopefully, I'll be able to upload pictures soon, because I have some news about this book .
Until then, have a terrific Thanksgiving.


Jen said...

I love all of these, Malka. Especially the last one. It's gorgeous!

Kristin L said...

These look great. I especially like your quilting -- it's very inspired.

gwensmom said...

The quilting on the diamond pillow is fantastic! Your blog is such eye candy.

Badecca said...

Splendid! The orange quilting on the blue back is especially delicious. As always, your layers upon layers of texture and color continue to surprise.

Thimbleanna said...

Love those log cabin pillows Malka. As usual, they're fantastic!