Friday, July 25, 2008

I have a new favorite pattern

For what that's worth. Everytime I sew a new pattern and it turns out even half decently, I think this is my favorite pattern. So, it's a fickle compliment, but Burda 7798 is my new favorite pattern.

I originally got it with the intention of making the dress version, but I was a little concerned with how wide the skirt part might be. I'm not that tall and I'm not a huge fan of big, billowy skirts. So, I decided to make the sleeveless top first knowing that it would allow me to preview the "skirt" part of the dress without committing to it.

I'm definitely satisfied that, had I made the dress, the skirt would not have been excessively full. I'm toning my enthusiasm for this pattern way down. I love this pattern and I can't wait to make the dress.
I did have to shorten the top as it was more tunic like than I wanted. Also, the next time I sew this pattern, and there will be a next time, I'll use a 12" zipper instead of a 20" zipper. That's just too much zipper for this top.
Since the skirt of this pattern is cut on the bias, it doesn't really lend itself to directional fabrics (if someone knows how to make directional fabrics work where one part is cut on the straight of grain and another is cut on the bias, please let me know).
I'm already mentally auditioning which of my hand dyed fabrics would work best with this pattern. I think you'll be seeing more of my new favorite pattern.


Mocha MonsterPants said...

Thanks for the Burda post, I checked out their site and am in love! I ordered the magazine and can't wait to see all that they offer. You might have done a very bad thing here... :)

Miaou said...

Oh I like that too, being a rather short person, it looks very flattering on you!

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to roughly cut out each shape (larger than you will need) and then batik the pieces?
That way you could print each piece to take advantage of the direction you want the design to go.
Bias would no longer be a design problem but you could get the drapability bias gives.

Ravenhill said...

I just found your incredibly inspiring blog and shop via Syko! I hope it is ok with you that I add you to my blogroll?! That is how I visit my favorite blogs, and I definitely want you on that list! Your use of color is so wonderful. Your quilts and pillows really have caught my eye! Thank you!

Nicole said...

Me too... Can I add you to my list too? I am here from a link off 'little black kitty'. You are so very talented and I am already inspired after reading only a few posts. Keep up the fantastic work.

Lauri said...

I like that pattern, too-I'm all about the tunic tops right now!

I am also in love with your wrap skirt and tank top in the post below. I have a pattern and have been meaning to make a wrap skirt since Spring, but...for some reason these 3 kids of mine seem to expect 3 meals a day, clean clothes, etc.... And today my six year old talked me into making her a stuffed turtle. I love that turtle and now I want to make more but, wrap skirt for me yet! lol!

OH! And like the other two commentors...I would like to add you to my bloglines also. I visit often and love your things, plus you're in Austin...just down the road from me! (I've sorta been on a blogging break due to summer and 3 kids being home, so I'm going to make a few changes here and there...)

Beth said...

Beautiful top!
I am thinking I should have moved to Austin, not San Antonio. I am finding more crafters with a great fun style there. I have a hard time here. The fabric shops seem a little behind the times. I love you quilts, you have been a great inspiration. It has been hard moving to a new city and leaving my family behind in California.

dawnkristine said...

I haven't been to your site in awhile, and I like th look, and I may have to try a top like that. I just don't have the "kahunas" to do it.

Lil D said...

Oh, cute top. I can see why you'll be making it again - it looks great on you.