Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Answers and Inspirations

I'm combining answers to some commonly asked questions with a few recent photos of inspiring stuff because otherwise my blog won't be as pretty and I really like pretty.

The number one, most commonly asked question I get both here in the comments and via email is where do I get the plexiglass shapes for the shibori technique I used in my twinkle quilt?
The answer to that is three fold:
1. I use a local plastics fabricator,Regal Plastics, here in Austin, Texas. You all are more than welcome to ask if they are willing to take out of town orders. You can easily get their contact info via a google search. Be forewarned though, Regal Plastics will only cut shapes from existing plastic or metal shapes as templates. They will return your original with your order, so you could use plastic quilting templates or quilter's squares as your templates.
2. If you have a friend, neighbor, relative, long lost uncle, etc. who has access to a jigsaw, he/she can cut the shapes for you. A few years ago I asked my neighbor's mom's then fiance to cut some plexiglass shapes for me and they're still in use today.
3. Use the Alchemy feature at Etsy to request bids for plexiglass shapes. I know of one very clever gal who did this and got the shapes she wanted/needed.

Another question I'm asked is whether the shapes need to be 3/4" in thickness as stated in my Quilting Arts article.
Actually,no. The 3/4" measurement was an error. It should have read 1/4" and the folks at Quilting Arts ran a note about the error in the following issue, but I don't think most folks caught that update.

Monday's post prompted someone to ask where I got the form for the floor pillow and if there was something unique about it.
I bought the form at Joann's. It measures 17"x15"x3". I think it's basically polyester, but, according to the package, it's been densified. Now, up until I read that word on the wrapping, I had only heard the word densify used by Lydia Batianich on one of her cooking shows. I was pretty convinced that she had made up the word and chalked up her using it to the fact that English was not her first language. I was wrong. Apparently, densifying is a possiblility for polyester forms as well as Italian sauces.
Anyway, the form is constructed so that it holds its rectangular shape. I also bought it in the 22"x22"x4" size.

By the way, this building is called the Norwood Tower . Feel free to learn all about it.
My final answer comes in response to a question about the shibori DVD I gave away as part of the SEWN launch party. Someone asked if I was planning on selling the DVDs. I'm not selling them, but you can purchase it directly from Interweave Press by going here.
That's all the answers I have for right now. Thanks so much for visiting my little web space, commenting, asking, opining and just generally being there.


Tara said...

Thanks so much for answering the questions! You are very cool!

calamity kim said...

Hi Malka- I wanted to stop by and invite you and your readers to come and enter my Big Rug Giveaway! It ends Monday and I will pull a name out from a hat! Hope you are having a great Summer!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing that link. I am so excited. I started dye classes and even made a color wheel book from the blends we used and a number system. I so want to move forward and this is exactly what I needed. I know there are so many directions to and now I have another new technique to learn.