Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Supersize Me

Well, not me exactly, but a quilt block I've designed.
Want to learn how to make this:

Then click here.

I should add that I stood on a seriously wobbly ladder on an annoyingly windy day to take this shot of my Super-size Shoo-Fly quilt as it lay on my driveway.
Climb every mountain. Ford every stream....You get the picture.

Enjoy the tutorial.


angela said...

Love those!!

And us quilt bloggers, very dedicated to our craft and the great photo of it.

70 x 70 with only four blocks - awesome!

Jennifer said...

this looks like a small quilt block on a sidewalk! i'm freaked out by finding out that this is a whole quilt top.

Ingrid said...

wow!thank you for sharing:-)

Tina said...

I was super inspired when I saw what you did with this pattern! I've been collecting fabric for a quilt for my son for over a year, but couldn't get excited over the pattern I had chosen, so I never started. Since seeing this, I should be finished with the queen size top by the end of the day. My finished blocks are 14 1/2 inches, but I might make a giant block or two with subtle contrast on the back. It is so exciting, but the sandwiching process is intimidating me at the moment. One step at a time.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorites among your elaborate pieces.
If it was oil on canvas it would be a piece of attraction in every art gallery, but as a quilt it's even more beautiful.