Monday, September 27, 2010

Too Tired To Blog... I'll just upload some images of the newest items in my shop.

These are just a sampling of the quarter yard cottons I'm now offering.

But that's not all. I've added quite a few new Patches camera straps.
Like these:

And a hard copy version of my Strips and Bricks pattern.

I worked with a terrific graphic designer, Eryn Chandler, to create a professional looking pattern that includes two views of the quilt as well as a fully illustrated pattern. The whole thing is printed on a lovely card stock, so it's sturdy to boot.

OK. That's it for the shop talk. I'll be back soon with new projects and a new sponsor.


Tara said...

Hi! Where is your newest book available for pre-order? I tried to click on it, but it didn't take me anywhere and I didn't see it in your shop. I'd love an autographed one, so should I wait to order it from you? It looks fantastic!

ArtGirl said...

all VERY cool. beautiful fabrics and colorfully lovely camera straps!

Malka Dubrawsky said...

Hi Tara,
If you put your cursor over the image of the book it should allow you to click through to Amazon where the book is available for pre-order and you can look inside to get a glimpse of the content. It won't be out in stores until December.

The Handmaden said...

Beautiful looking pieces!

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Hi, just found your blog. I love the fabrics, did you print them yourself?