Monday, April 23, 2012

Something new, but not necessarily blue

I'm working on a new class series for my local and lovely, Stitch Lab, and wanted to present a bit of a teaser for you folks close enough to attend.
The focus of this class series is essentially a block of the month, but rather than present an already established pattern, I've decided to design the blocks myself and for each block to teach a specific, yet simple technique. Also, since I'm a huge fan of the fabric offerings at Stitch Lab, each block will feature a grouping of fabrics available at the Lab.
My first block is constructed out of half-triangle squares and highlights the wonderful and color rich collection of stripes in Kaffe Fasset's collection. I love so many things about these fabrics, their linen-like feel, intensity of color and the way combining them creates secondary and tertiary designs. I love getting more design bang for my piecing buck.
Today's task is to craft the Moda Bella solids I picked out into the second block in the series.
For those of you wondering when all this fun will start, check the July/August schedule when it is published. And, if those months don't work for you, have no fear; I anticipate this being an ongoing offering.


meli B said...

Love Kaffe Stripes and have made some very cool blocks with them. Looking forward to seeing more of yours.

MariQuilts said...

One can never have enough of these stripes...the block looks lovely.

sallgood said...

I've had Kaffe strips for years, and I've been meaning to do an all stripe quilt with them. Thanks for the block inspiration! (So many ideas,so little time!) :D

Lee Anne said...

Love the always inspire! For those of us not close enough to attend your classes - would you ever consider an online block of the month? Thanks for the inspiration!

Jane S. said...

It makes my heart happy to see Kaffe stripes!

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