Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top 18

So, because I'm busy discovering all that is new and exciting in box and packing tape technology, I don't exactly have loads of time to craft new stuff and even less time to photograph my non-existent new stuff. I am currently working on some dye projects, so might have some pretties to show y'all at the end of the week, but today...not so much.
Don't panic though, I'm committed to providing some visual inspiration and, to that end, have created a new Pinterest board focused on the things I most want to craft into my new home/life titled, Top 18.
Hmm...18, what a strange number? Why 18? Why not top 10 or top 20? Well, I bet some of you know why, but for those who don't, 18 is a very significant number in Judaism. Just like in English where it could be said that the letter A corresponds to the number 1 and B to the number 2, Hebrew also has number correspondences. In Hebrew the eighth and the tenth letters, Yud and Khet, can also be combined to make the word "life".
So, if you were getting married, and, by the way, Mazel Tov on that, I would might give you a cash gift of $18 or a multiple of that. It would be my way of celebrating your wedding and wishing you a long, happy life. That's assuming that you didn't want a toaster instead.
Nice, huh?
Making the board seemed like a great way to start celebrating my new space, so these are my top 18...at least for now.
I do actually have a 19th that I'm currently working on.
It's based on this quilt:
I made it almost 2 years ago to welcome a friend's baby into the world. Since then, I've published it as a free pattern on Sew, Mama, Sew. Now, I'm working on an expanded version for my bed.
Right now though, it's packed away...somewhere.


Journalingmytruelife said...

Malka the 18 is a good concept. I used to live off of Manchaca Ave. on Ditmar Ave before we moved to NJ , I miss it so much at times. I used to belong to the Austin quilt Guild too and loved every minute of it. This was back in the 90s..What area of Austin did you move to ?

Nicci P said...

Funny, Malka. Your Fish Baby Log Cabin has 18 "squares/layers/rings" if you count the binding. :)
I enjoyed learning about the significance of the number, too.