Monday, August 26, 2013

The Breakfast Club

My post has only a very little to do with that wonderful 80's movie, The Breakfast Club, but I needed a title and the movie did actually start me down memory lane.
Confused yet? I am and I'm writing this.
It all began last night...sort of.
I've been working on a mini quilt to add to my store and over the weekend had finished the quilting and was ready to bind.
Last night being the last night of my daughter's summer vacation, she said she wanted to watch the Breakfast Club with me.
"We can stream it through Netflix, Mom, " she said. " It's a classic."
I remember being in High School when this movie came out and going to the theater to see it. No streaming then.
Next thing you know we're settling in on her bed, laptop perched on her lap, and preparing to enjoy this now classic movie.
In the interest of having something to post here today, I decided to use the time to finish the binding on the quilt and then it struck me, " Tomorrow is Monday. I used to have a weekly feature on my blog and even a related Flickr group called Mini Quilt Monday."
There you have it, my brief trip down memory lane, recounted here so I could post this:
I previously mentioned that in cleaning(read excavating) my studio, I found various bits of patchwork that I had set aside for one reason or another. The center portion of this mini quilt and another were mostly dyed to look like improvisationally pieced Double Wedding Ring blocks.
I added more improv strips, quilted it in concentric circles from the center out, and bound it while watching Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson, now 45 and 53, respectively, act out their teenage angst.
Pretty good times and good memories.


em's scrapbag said...

The piece is wonderful!
I have great memories of the 80's brat pack movies.

Tammy Vasser said...

Love your mini quilt! Oh the movies from the 80s - if they're classics, does that mean I'm a classic too? LOL :)

Leanne said...

I love the mini quilts you have been making lately, this one included. And the story is lovely, thank you for sharing it.

Stephie said...

I wanted to be Molly!!! Love this quilt Malka :)

Monica said...

oh gosh... 'our' movies are now Classics.



Love that mini quilt!