Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good Tuesday

I'm going to start a weekly feature on my blog to update projects that I finish. I'm hoping this will fulfill a two purposes:
1. My New Year's resolution to document all my work
2. Force myself to finish at least one thing every week.
Honestly, I probably finish more than one project a week, but, then again, sometimes I get bogged down and this will guilt me into avoiding that.
OK. This week's Good Tuesday project is/are(?) socks that I made for my husband. I ordered this beautiful hand-dyed yarn from Hello Yarn . It was a little delayed in getting here because of the mid-January ice storm we had here in Austin. We had no mail for 4 days. I was mistakingly functioning under the postal motto,"Neither snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night..." That has apparently been updated lately.
Anyway, the yarn finally came and I set to work. When I first saw the skein, I thought, I'll have plenty of yarn left over, but I didn't properly account for my hubbie's size 13 shoe. It takes a lot of yarn to cover those puppies. Thankfully, I had plenty and he loves his socks.

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thegabbyknitter said...

Great socks! I'm knitting a pair for my husband too but luckily he has a size 10 foot.