Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tuesday. Wait, I mean Wednesday

Oops. Is it Wednesday and I didn't post something completed on Tuesday? Actually, I didn't post last Tuesday, but that was because my camera batteries needed charging. This week's excuse: My dog ate it. Well, not exactly. I've been busy finishing this top(I'm currently machine quilting it) and taking some new digital images for show proposals. As far as technology goes, the little victories mean a lot to me. I'm not naturally computer or digitally savvy, so figuring out how to resize my photos so that I could submit them was a big achievement.
Recently, I purchased lights, stands and a tripod so that I could make my photos as professional as possible. I have a great camera(Nikon D50), so I figured I should be able to take my own images. I used to take my own slides which is, frankly, harder than taking digitals because you have no idea what's working until you get the pictures developed. Also, it's so much more expensive. Now, I can take a huge range of pictures on an equally huge range of settings and the pictures that don't work are deleted from my camera. Also, I don't worry about the piece hanging straight or the background, because I can fix all that on my computer. Ain't technology grand! So, I thought I'd share some of the fruit of my photographic labor:I had to borrow this piece from the folks I sold it to, but I'm really glad I got some decent images of it.This piece belongs to close friends and former next door neighbors. I managed to take this picture the last time we were at their house.

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Susan said...

Hey Malka —

Dan found your blog somehow and I was scrolling through some of your archives when I saw something familiar.

When did you take that picture? Have you been sneaking over here? Hmmm . ..

It's interesting reading your thoughts about your work. Sort of a different perspective, I guess.

Okay, off to harass Jacob to do a bit of chanting.

— Susan