Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I'm Still Here

I have been a very bad blogger this past week. Though, my husband says that he doesn't like it when people spend time on their blogs lamenting that they haven't posted lately. I'm not exactly lamenting, but, I do enjoy posting, so not having done so for a while is a bit of a bummer.
Today's entry is a bit of a cornucopia(whew, I didn't think I knew how to spell that). This is my completed, quilted and bound, on three sides, African Folklore Embroidery. I only bound it on three sides as I'm planning on using it as a flap to a book bag.I've also been dyeing and dye painting a lot of fabric lately and am planning to use most of the larger pieces to make bags.
Here's a view of the inside of the bag with an elephant peaking out from the pocket.

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Eva said...

I can understand why some people feel sorry about not having posted for a longer time. After all, they consider their readers and don't want to disappoint them. If I don't have anything new to share, I just take some pictures out of my archives and post a few lines about them.