Friday, May 9, 2008


If yesterday's theme was getting twice the bang for my buck (warning: I'm unnaturally fond of cliches), then today's motif is "what's old is new again".
Here's the proof:

I started this backpack a year ago as a demo for a sewing class I was teaching. I didn't bother to finish it because I didn't need a finished product to explain the techniques and I didn't really need a back pack. Well, now I do.
Ever since my eldest started driving I've been without a car most afternoons. At first I thought this was ideal. I could work in my studio without anyone complaining that I hadn't taken care of an errand or stopped by the store for milk. If there was rumbling to that effect, I'd just shrug my shoulders and say," I'm sorry, but I didn't have the car today." And, on the whole, I'm happy with my no-car-half-the-day situation. Sometimes though I need to get to the post office or I have a meeting or I need to run to the store(fabric not grocery). Up until this week, I would wait until my husband got home from work and use his car. But that meant waiting until 7:00pm when, because I'm a morning person, my eyelids often start to feel a little droopy. This week, however, I decided to solve my mobility issue and ride my bike. Frankly, I can't believe it took me so long to come to this solution, but I'm glad I did. And, I'm having so much fun riding my bike around town. This decision naturally necessitated some sewing, right? So, I resurrected the backpack from the bottom of a pile and finished it.

I was so happy that I hadn't just gotten rid of it or recycled the fabric into something else. I really needed a backpack now and with a few stitches I had one.

I also bought myself a new helmet, just to be safe.
Have a great weekend!


susan said...

good for you and so good of you to buy a helmet. i really miss riding a bike, here it would be ideal. i am not confident enough yet, still so afraid i will fall and damage my titanium knees. isnt great to pick something up you left undone and turns out to be just what you need. happy biking

Marie said...

I'm glad you started to use your bike for errands. I don't know where I would be without mine ... stir crazy, I suppose. It gives me the freedom to run little errands when hubby has the car. Plus, it just gets me out of the house and feeling less like a caged animal.

PS. I love your backpack. I need to make a lightweight version for my trips now that it is getting warmer. My store-bought one is great, but much too heavy.

iknitipurl said...

That is so awesome! I wish I still had a bike because every now and again I have the urge to ride the bike path where I live, (it runs quite a few miles through the valley). I love the backpack. Ever think of making a tutorial? Hint, hint! :)

Kathryn Laughton said...

Hi Malka,

You may not remember me but I bought your Twinkle Again Pillow a while back. I'm Australian, if that jogs you memory any! :) I have just found your blog and I have to say (again) that I still so love your pillow. It is known in my house as Mum's special pillow and no-one is allowed to lean against it except for me!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your work in your blog as well. I've subscribed, so I don't miss anything!!!

bettyninja said...

Great little backpack. Perfect for your bike rides. Good for you using your bike to get around!

Deb said...

Simply adorable backpack! Do you think you will have an "online sewing class" to teach us how to make one? :)