Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scenes from the Green Room

First I should point out that the green room actually was painted green. Apparently that's not true across the board, but as this was my first experience with the concept of green rooms, I'll just state that green rooms are, in fact, green.
Secondly, lighting in the green room was not the best. Again I could expand this to green rooms across the country, but I won't. So, because I prefer to use available light, my pictures are wee bit dark and not particularly plentiful. Here they are...both of them.

The first picture was taken semi by accident. Sometimes my camera won't let me take a picture because it thinks that there's not enough available light, or the image isn't focused enough, or maybe just the planets aren't aligned. Anyway, I've discovered that if I take a "throw away" shot that the camera will then cooperate. Usually that shot is blurry, so I delete it. This time it turned out to be a pretty decent representation of the walls of the green room. So, there it is.
The taping itself happened in the studio next door and I think went pretty smoothly. First I taped my segment with Pokey Bolton for PBS's Quilting Arts TV. I'm guessing that will air in the Fall, but I'll certainly let you all know when that's scheduled. A little later in the day I taped the DVD workshop. I could not have organized the process and run through it smoothly without the help of Helen Gregory from Quilting Arts Magazine and Kathie Stull who runs the production company in Cleveland. That really made all the difference.
The day was filled with positives, from getting to meet the other folks taping their segments and workshops to having a fabulous dinner with Jennifer from jchandmade . The only "negative" and just barely that was the makeup experience. TV requires a lot of makeup. I understand why, but I'm not much for wearing a lot. My makeup began with more eyebrow plucking. And if you remember back to my previous adventure with eyebrow hair and its removal, you can see why the prospect of more made me nervous. Also, the amount of makeup that was on my face kept catching me by surprise everytime I went to the restroom. It was as if I looked in the mirror expecting to see myself and saw someone else. I found it a little disturbing.
Other than that I enjoyed Cleveland, even the weather. It was quite a change of pace for someone who lives in Texas. I didn't even mind scraping my windshield when the temperature was a chilly 9 degrees. I just wish the rental car company had provided me with a scraper so that I didn't have to use my Barnes and Noble discount card. But, hey, it's good to know that thing comes in handy other than when I'm at the register.

I thought these pictures were particularly appropriate because I'm planning on participating in "Green Week" this week both here on my blog and over at flickr. It starts tomorrow and hopefully I'll have images for all five days.


jennifer said...

dinner was yummy and it was *such* a delight to meet you! what an inspiration you are - fiberwise and mamawise. we'll definitely have to do it again sometime, somewhere :)

Tammy Kennedy said...

When will your show air? I'm so excited to see it. Must tivo. :)

Mal* said...

What an exciting adventure! I look forward to seeing you on TV. I watch all quilting/craft shows on PBS Saturday mornings when I finally get to work on things!