Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Brr... it is seriously cold here in Texas. 18 degrees this morning. Which apparently felt like 5 degrees. Add to that the State's sudden mandate of rolling blackouts and a forecast of snow at week's end and I'm telling you, this town will shut down. We can handle 112 degrees and drought, but we are powerless before ice, cold, and snow.
I find the temperature change particularly disconcerting considering that on Sunday, at the start of the half marathon, the temperature was 63 degrees and that was at 6:45 in the morning.
I'm not dyeing any fabric today as my dye studio is in my unheated garage and the heat generated from my melting wax pot and my daughter's swim team parka are not enough to protect me form the bitter cold.
What I am doing is writing to you all and announcing the winners of last Friday's Stitch giveaway. The winners were picked randomly by the all-powerful, all-knowing random number generator.
They are:

Linen and Tulle said...I would like to sew clothes, either for myself or for the children. I've been wanting to buy Stitch but haven't had the funds yet. I can't wait to see it either way!


piece peace said...I aspire to sew alot this year, but on my immediate agenda is a monochromatic quilt, a quilt along at CHQ and some sassy hair bands for myself (and maybe a backpack for myself, too). Thanks for asking!

If you all would email me your addresses at, I'll get you your magazines faster than the city can scatter worthless, non-ice melting sand on the roads.

Also, since I never sign off without a pretty picture because for me it's all about the visuals, I'm including an image of some fabric I made back in the day. That would be last Thursday when it was 70 and sunny.


Linen and Tulle said...

What perfect timing! I was just about to close my google reader and decided to read the new post... so thrilled and thanks for the giveaway.

Jean said...

I'm actually just up the road from you near Ft. Hood. Funny you wrote that about your garage. I moved my four hens in our garage last night or I would have woken up to four frozen birds this morning. I think they'll just stay in there for a couple of days... they're in their old small coop and not happy, but I bet they'd be unhappier outside in the frigid wind.

LeslieUnfinished said...

I'm freezing right along with you. I think the high was 10 degrees today in Oklahoma City. School has already been cancelled for Thursday. I love snow days because I don't have to feel guilty for crafting all day!

Siobhan Rogers said...

I'm melting in Sydney - so equally struggling to sew!

Paula said...

Lady, I really dig those plaids! Sorry you are so cold. As ever, northeast OH is frozen solid.
One of these days we'll move south...
Enjoy all your dyeing escapades!
Thanks for sharing.

Kristy said...

I just got your book today....what a gorgeous book of inspiration. I can't wait to devour it page by page. Thanks!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Stitch finally made it up north to MT. Yay! Hope things get better for you 'down south' real soon.

Poppyprint said...

Hunh? What? You made plaid? How'd you do that??? It is stunning.

Sorry to hear you are having the weather that I so desperately want! Up here in Vancouver,BC, it's been sunny (raining today though) and the daffodils are coming up! The east has all the snow. It just better not be in Florida when I get there in March!

Put your foot down and sew! said...

I live in Houston and it IS cold!! School is shut down for Friday. Monday my child went to school in shorts, and by Friday, school was cancelled! Happy quilting Texas friend!