Monday, February 28, 2011 has spoken

When I typed the title I couldn't help but here the imperious, commanding voice of the "wizard" in the original Wizard of Oz when he boomed, " The great Oz has spoken." Just thinking about it makes me quake a little.
Today's announcement of winners shouldn't make you quake, though. It should make you smile if you happen to be one of the 3 winners or sigh and exclaim, " I'll outfox the random number generator next time." And you know that there will definitely be a next time.
So, without further delay, here are our giveaway winners.
The fat eighths bundle, courtesy of The Fabric Quarter goes to:
She said:
Who can resist fabric folded so beautifully!!!!

And a  copy of my new pattern, Color Wheel Coasters and Pot Holders, goes to:
Susan in Seattle!
She commented:

Your ideas are a constant inspiration! Just love the color combos you use. I wouldn't turn down anything you're giving away...everything is so exciting!I'm also giving away a second copy of the pattern to:
Calamity Jane/Bonnie who commented:
Love all your projects and would (dye) for a chance for this pattern and fabric.
If you, Andi, will please email me at with your address and you, Susan and Bonnie, will send me your email addresses, I will get your prizes to you faster than Dorothy can click her ruby slippers and say(all together now), " There's no place like home."

Before I sign off I did want to encourage y'all to pop on over to Modern Day Quilts and check out the nice post Heather put together about my new version of the Strips and Bricks quilt.

Hey, I just realized that the giveaway post had a Wizard of Oz reference in its title. Hmm...what could that mean?


Andi said...

There's no place like home!!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Sending you an email now.
Andi x

Heather said...

Thanks for letting us feature your quilt on Modern Day Quilts!!!

Sandy K. said...

I can't believe I missed the give-away. I have been very absent from my blog-friends and am trying to get back in the groove. Thank you for the link, too. Always looking for new ideas!

I'm hosting my own give-away, if you'd like to pop over. I can use all the help I can get with this topic!

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Rntr said...

I am not famaliar with your work but wanted to tell you that some people are just mean and have no business posting.
I apprciate all that the many people put out there for us to see, review, buy, use as I am not a very creative person and sorry this has happened to you.. Karen