Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Things Come in Small Packages

That's my standard response when I'm standing next to one of my girls and she condescendingly pats the top of my head to point out how little I am. I don't dispute that I'm small. I'm 5'3" and weigh about 105 pounds, while all three of my girls are at least 5'7" with my eldest being 5'10". But, when the head patting begins I always point out that despite my diminutive size I manage to pack quite a punch.
Just like my wee little quilt here:
It measures just 15 1/2" x 16 1/2" but I think it makes its presence known.
I've been calling it a super-mini quilt.
The print hexagons are made out of the leftovers of the fabrics I designed for my next commercial fabric line, so consider this a super-early, super-wee preview of my newest collection for Moda. I love the way adding the word super to an adjective seems to make it more intense. It's like salting your food except without the risk of heart disease. Super-great, huh?
I've added this little number to my shop, so hopefully someone  else will also enjoy my Hex Super Mini Quilt.
Have a super day!


Josée Carrier said...

I totally agree. I absolutely love your mini-quilt. I like how the cream from the negative space blends with your prints. It brings out all the nice colors you chose for the prints. Like the rounded corners too!

Cindy Sharp said...

Super job on that adorable mini.

Margreth said...

Wonderful...absolutely lovely mini-quilt!

Sandy K. said...

Beautiful mini:). It gives me hope that I can actually create something which isn't so big and overwhelming that I never have time to work on it! And it also rejuvenates me - the colors are fabulous. Thank you for sharing your super quilt, and super talent:).

Lin said...

Gorgeous super-mini and amazing colours.