Monday, September 30, 2013

Mini Quilt Monday and More

I was going to title this post "Mini Quilt Monday and Sew Much More," but decided not to. Not because I don't have more than my mini quilt to show. I do, But because not all of it is finished and photographed and "Sew much more" felt a bit over the top.
First off, this week's mini quilt which, incidentally also serves as last week's addition to my store, though, truth be told, was just added this morning. Details, details.
Anyway, tried and true and much loved, a new Twinkle mini quilt makes its way into the world.
Sometimes I wonder if I'll tire of making these little quilts and I can only respond with," not yet."
I decided to make this my mini quilt this week after I made a design decision concerning this work in progress:
I'm crafting this quilt improvisationally exclusively out of the striped fabrics in my new collection, From Outside In. My original plan was to use all the leftover bolt strips Moda Fabrics sent me and see how large a quilt that made. Over the weekend, in the interest of having something brand new and wonderful to show you all for Mini Quilt Monday, I thought I would abandon Plan A and just finish this as a mini of sorts. But, I'm a big believer in sticking to Plan A, so instead I posted the Twinkle mini quilt.
If that was all there was to the more part of today's post title, I'd think that adding the "more" was unjustified. But, wait, there really is more.
More patterning:
This piece of fabric, soon to be in my store, is done being over dyed and is tumbling away in my dryer as I write. I'm writing today's post at a local coffee shop, so I can't actually hear the tumbling, but trust me, I emptied the lint tray and the fabric is definitely drying.
More pillow making:
This is just one pillow. One, very large pillow. My friend, Nan, wanted to recover a pair of floor pillow forms in anticipation of house guests, so she came over yesterday, picked out two prints, one from From Outside In and a second from Simple Marks Fall and we made a new cover. She returns today to make the second.
More designing:
I'm not going to say a lot about this bag other than it's a prototype for a new pattern and that it's designed as a bag that can be used as either a tote or a backpack. More about this soon as I have a few other fabrics I want to make it in before I write the instructions and formalize the pattern.
So, I guess there really is more. Dare I say, Sew much more?

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Anonymous said...

I'm very intrigued by this. Hope it becomes a pattern.