Monday, March 3, 2014

Clearing the Shelf

About 8 months ago I moved from a 3000 square foot house to an 1800 square foot place. I love my new place, but the idea of culling my stuff down to fit half the space was pretty daunting at the time.
With the help of friends and family and various local charity thrift stores, I managed to do it. And I learned something about remaining pared down. I like not having an excess amount of stuff. I've even recently purchased a Kindle because, though I own many books and love to read and browse those books, I don't want to have lots of stuff, including books.
So, in the interest of the stuff-slimmer me, I've decided to empty this shelf:
Now, this shelf in no way constitutes all the quilts I have. It's just a starting point, but a very concrete one as it includes a couple quilts that were in my book, Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration, which, by the way, has a Kindle edition.
Some might ask how I can part with quilts that have been significant in my career and I would answer that I'm not really "enjoying" them. They just sit on this shelf and wouldn't it be great if someone else really "used" them. That could mean they hang them on a wall or gift them to a friend, but I want them to play a role in someone's life, not just gather dust.
So, I'm starting out with these two:

I've added them to my store, here and here.
All the details about size and construction are included in the listing description.
As for those of you who would rather make your own and want to save storage space for your fabric stash there's that Kindle edition I mentioned.

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Your work stands out in a crowded field.