Friday, April 11, 2014

Once upon a time...

There was a quilt.
It was a pretty quilt, but it longed for adventures and new friends.
So, it made plans to travel to a faraway land.
By magic broom.
Magic broom promised to take the quilt to a wonderful place filled with beautiful fabric and sewing machines that never needed oiling.
But, magic broom warned, we may encounter some dangerous creatures.
Some might even have sharp springs and jaws that clamped.
Happily, the first being that the quilt met in the new land was a comfy chair.
Granted this was the kind of chair whose wooden seat really needed a nice padded, patchwork seat cushion and people had grown tired of asking when the sewer of the land would get around to making one, but it was a sturdy, friendly chair purchased for practically nothing at a garage sale.
The quilt and the chair shared a passion for all things fibrous, be it wood or textile, and set off to find more chairs or quilts, whichever they spied first.
Can you imagine their glee when they came upon yet another garage sale chair!
They were a very happy threesome.
And what better way to celebrate their newfound trio than to make a fort to snuggle under.
The quilt and the chair and the other chair loved their creation and lived happily there.


Kat said...


Unknown said...

I needed a wonderful fairytale to start my day! I want to hear more adventures! Thanks!

Robbie said...

Cute post! Very creative!

Deere Driver said...

New budding career! Cute!