Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I'm Working on Wednesday

Truth be told, what I'm working on today doesn't make for great visuals.
I'm writing the pattern for this:
and unless you're someone who would find a screenshot of a word document interesting there's not much to see...yet.
Even this photo is not exactly what I had planned. I took it with my phone. I usually don't post those pictures here as I have a lovely DSLR to take really(hopefully) good pictures with. It's battery was dead though and I wanted to post, so here you have it.
I am super eager to get this pattern out because: a. I think you all will like it and b. I want to do the sew-along. The first reason is my community-based, good citizen reason. The second one is closer to the truth.
So, I'm tentatively setting the end of April for the pattern release and mid-May for the sew-along.
In the meantime, this Wednesday, I'm writing...and designing the next quilt!


Beth said...

Great design. I also like the straight line quilting.

Aliceart said...

I love this one; it's quite fun and very effective. Can't wait!