Monday, March 5, 2007


I was roaming around my house, both inside and out, shooting seemingly random pictures, when I noticed a connection among many of them. Color. At my very core, I am moved by color.
Last summer, over the course of one week, my daughters and I painted each of our rooms. Every morning of that week I headed out to the paint store and returned with the color de jour. Abi's room was the first to be transformed. We taped, covered, prepared surfaces and finally coated her walls with a beautiful blue. The following day, Rachel's room morphed from white to adobe orange. Sarah wanted more than one color on her walls, so we painted one wall peach and the other walls turquoise. Finally, it was my turn and I selected two different shades of green. I really like green.
Especially chartreuse.This green's called "Temptation".

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