Thursday, July 19, 2007

Full Circle

Remember Telly on Sesame Street? He was one of the many lovable monsters who lived there. Telly often passionately proclaimed his love of one particular shape, the triangle. He wrote poems about triangles, searched them out in his adventures on the street and sang heartfelt odes to this three-sided shape. I used to tell my kids that I too had a favorite shape, but mine was(and is) the circle.
I can honestly say, though not without feeling a little ridiculous, that I love circles. And they have appeared in and influenced my work many times.
I've been making fabric the past few days and, naturally, round shapes appeared.
Hand dyed and batiked fabric is all well and good, but the real fun is in crafting it into something. Even better if you can wear or use that something.
I am wearing this baby tomorrow and I am amazingly, stupidly excited about that.
The tote's not new. I made the fabric and bag at least two years ago, but I still have the stamp and I really love circles.


Anonymous said...

i would be excited! your work is so beautiful...
:) laura

Anonymous said...

Your top and bag look fantastic! You'll be stylin tomorrow.

Have you ever posted a tutorial on how you batik?


Malka Dubrawsky said...

Thanks to both of y'all for you nice comments.
Sarah- I actually was thinking while I was making this fabric that I should take pictures and put together a tutorial. Thanks for asking about it. That will definitely push me to do it.

Rebecca said...

i love this top. did you create the pattern? love the little wingy cap sleeves, my favorite kinds!