Monday, July 9, 2007

Mistakes are part of the process.

But they're not the best part. Sometimes I feel like before I can move forward, I've got to step backwards or at least just sideways. The other day, I posted about my newest knitting project. Well, I was tearing back a couple rows to fix a mistake and I discovered that I must have made an error when I calculated the gauge. Anyway, it's too damn big. So I had to frog the entire thing and start from the beginning.
When I was taking the knitting apart, my eldest said she couldn't believe I was doing that. I responded that there wasn't any point in going on if it wasn't going to turn out well. I could be somewhat disappointed now, recast my stitches and start again, or make a tank 3 sizes too big. Not a great choice, but the decision seemed pretty obvious.
Episode two in the two steps back, one step forward drama is this:
I was so excited about making this top. I've had quite a bit of clothes sewing success, so I was expecting more of the same. Nope. The pattern as I cut it out is just a hair too small, but enough to need adjusting. I don't like the side zipper, so I'm going to redraft the pattern to place the zipper in back. In other words, I'm going to need to make a muslin of this pattern before I can try it out on any more decent fabric. Wait! What's that I hear? Could it be the sound of my feet shuffling backwards?
OK. It's not all frustration. I do have these pictures of a new work in progress and some new coasters for my shop , so I guess I'm not seeing everything in the rear view mirror.
But, when you spend hours, precious hours, working on something and it ends up in experience, but no product....


Tricia said...

Sorry to hear about the frustrations, I hate it when that happens...on a happy note, the shirt looks great as well as the quilt blocks and coasters!

Tamar said...

I really know what you mean about that empty feeling after spending hours making things that turn out off. Still, wrong size or not, that lacey beginning looks beautiful! I'm sure it will be lovely once it's begun again in the right size. The coasters are great too!