Friday, July 27, 2007

Week in Review

In reviewing my week, I can tell you one thing I haven't done much of and that's posting. I have been reading blogs, but I've been busy sewing, dyeing and crocheting( yes, I'm still working on my ripple blanket). I'll be going out of town Tuesday of next week, so, I thought that I should update my blog before too much more time goes by.
I spent some time this week batiking.
Two new colorways of my E block fabric. I'm planning on using this fabric to make a camera case to safely tote mine around. I'm also putting together a batik tutorial, but that is going kind of slowly. It never dawned on me how many little steps and variables there are in the process. And how important it is to document those steps. I've begun taking pictures, but it won't be ready before I leave.
Another top?!!Yep. And today I'm going to make a new top for Abi. I am so loving sewing clothes lately. It's the ultimate in quick, satisfying project and you don't have to ask folks if they'd like to see what you've made, you're your own walking advertisement.
Also, I made this patchwork keyhole scarf using two colorways of my full circle fabric. It seemed like a good way to use up leftovers too small for garments. I've added this one to my shop .
Hope everyone has had a good week and is looking forward to an even better weekend.


Thimbleanna said...

Well, what a coincidence. As I began to read your post I thought to myself -- oooh, batik, that would be fun to learn. And I read on -- you're working on a tutorial! Yay! Can't wait to see it!

Mama said...

Oh, how fun... The scarf is absolutely beautiful and I've been enjoying watching your new fabrics emerge. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the orange and pink batik. I am also eagerly awaiting your tutorial. have fun on your trip!


margie said...

i love circles and spots too.. what beautiful work and colours i am looking forward to the tutorial.. happy week margie

Tamar said...

The batik fabric is INCREDIBLE. I can't wait for the tutorial!