Friday, September 5, 2008

Current Temperature:: 95 Degrees

Perfect winter knitting weather, huh? I think so.

Actually, if you live in Texas and you wait until the weather gets cold to knit for winter, you won't finish the project in time to wear it. The season is just too short. Also, having made quite a few summer tops and dresses this year, I'm ready to sew and knit for the other season we have here. The saying is that in Texas we only have two seasons: summer and winter.
I'm itching to get started on two patterns in particular, a new hat design by brooklyntweed author Jared Flood and the February Lady Sweater. In fact when I drove to my LYS, air conditioning blasting because, hey, it's hot here, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they had already knit up a sample version of this cardigan. And, the owner is currently working on her own version. Wonderful examples of this sweater have been turning up on flickr lately, but it looks like I'll be spying it in the streets of my very own hometown as well. That is, once the mercury reads below 90.


mary said...

I wish so much I knew how to knit! That sweater is just too cute!

Amy said...

I've long thought that we should do our winter knitting in the summer so that the items are ready for winter. And our warm-weather knitting in the winter. Somehow it doesn't always work out that way. New York winter is much longer than Texas winter though.