Friday, August 14, 2009

Bees do it

Be busy that is. I've had been plenty of that around here lately. Yet, despite that, the images I'm sharing today hint at the work going on without showing any finished product. How does that work? I guess I'll chalk it up to being "in process". I'm currently working on a big project, but can't quite share news of that yet. That partly explains the lack of finished goodies to display. Also, I'm working on several things all at once, so they're all heading toward being finished, but aren't there yet. There's also the fact that I get distracted. Like when I ordered this:

This is my second Japanese clothing magazine, but, after my Burda success, I'm feeling confident enough to tackle one of these purely diagrammatic patterns. Maybe in this lovely fabric:
I ordered it from Bolt 44, an amazing online store with great prices, unique fabrics, and stellar customer service. My original order included a fabric that was listed on their website but apparently out of stock. Upon discovering that the fabric was not available, the folks there called me and asked how I wanted to be credited. They very promptly refunded me the price of the yardage as well as additional postage. In my mind that was a fair way to respond to this mistake and I felt well treated. But, they went even farther by giving me an extra yard of one of the fabrics I'd ordered. How great is that? Of course, that's only adding fuel to the clothes sewing fire.
Another distraction I'm "burdened" with comes in the form of these two books:

Jessica at Black Dog Publishing contacted me a few days ago with a great deal for me...and you. They're offering us a 50% discount on these titles if we order by August 31, 2009. I've read great reviews of these books and Making Craft for Kids was praised in Handmade Nation . I'm also pretty sure I saw mention of it on Whipup . All this leads me to dream about the inspiration yet to be encountered in the pages of these titles and, of course, to distraction. If you want to join me in my wayward path, then contact Jessica at with your info including delivery address. Also, don't forget to mention that you're purchasing the book through the "stitch in dye offer" so they'll know to apply the discount.
I'm leaving you with a snippet of one of my several works in progress.

Hopefull, if all goes well, with "well" being a relative term, I'll be back in this space soon showing off some new bit of clothing.


Tara said...

Thanks! I just e-mailed. These have been on my list of books to buy for a while!

Erin Andrews said...

I don't know what the rest of the project in your last photo will be like but I LOVE what I can see of it here. You're my hero! :)

Janet said...

You have dangled a cookie and wet our appetites. I like what I see in the last photo. Looking forward to more.

Estela said...

I love the hexagon pattern, I need to make one! Looking forward to the finished projects.

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