Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Proof Positive That I do Read the Comments

For those who are wondering, I did survive the college drop-off and was definitely buoyed in my survival by your great comments and encouragement. I made only one teeny-tiny error during the weekend. As we were sitting in the large gym of the Woodruff PE building I spotted what I thought was a guy dressed in a chicken outfit and yelled out, "Hey, what's with the guy dressed up like a chicken?" This was deeply amusing to everyone around as the chicken was actually the Emory mascot, Swoop the Eagle. Oops.
Despite my not recognizing him for the celebrity he is, Swoop still agreed to be photographed with me.

Apparently, he doesn't hold any grudges.

That, however, is not the proof that I read your comments. This is:

In the past, when I've released patterns, folks have commented that they'd love to see a kit that included pre-cut fabric as well as the instructions. I have created patterns specifically geared to a group of fabrics, but never a complete kit wherein all you add is your own thread and sewing machine. The reason for this is that it has to be cost effective for me and you as well as simple enough for even beginning sewers to do. Also, it would be great if the kit project didn't take loads of time to complete.
These coasters are my answer to that. Actually, I should say they're my first answer because I'm planning at least three more kits.
But first the coasters.
This kit was inspired by all the small squares of hand dyed and patterned fabric I seem to accumulate. I've fashioned them into my own projects and thought it would be fun to use them in a kit.
My first thought was to include randomly selected fabrics for the coaster tops and standardize the backs and bindings.

I like this set, but I think that most folks want to know what they're getting and it would be incredibly difficult to meet every individual request.

So, I crafted this set instead.

In this second version all four coasters are made from the same six fabrics. The top and backs are from my hand dyed cottons and the binding is a commercial solid. My plan is to dye five coordinating patterns and colors in half yard lengths, match those to a solid commercial fabric, and release the kits in limited edition color ways. The instructions will obviously remain the same.
By the way, these coasters are super-easy and super fast. I made all four, including cutting the fabric, in under 40 minutes. You'll be able to make them even quicker because the kits will come with pre-cut fabric and batting. How great is that?
So, when will they be ready for prime time? They'll be available in my shop and in person on September 17 to coincide with my being a vendor at the Austin Area Quilt Guild Show, September 17-19.
If you're interested in a little preview of what I'll be offering at the show as well as an opportunity to win two free tickets to the show, stay tuned here because all that is coming up in the next few weeks.


kaiolohiakids said...

Well I think he looks like a chicken, too! Who ever saw a yellow eagle! (of course, since I have never actually seen an eagle, I could be wrong about that!)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the kits -- the coasters certainly look great.

Miss White Wall said...

Those are beautiful!