Friday, December 3, 2010

Fresh Quilting Across the USA

First off, I should say that I'm totally in love with the graphic that Jamie Guthals, publicist extraordinaire at Interweave Press, sent me to visually illustrate my blog tour. I mean check this out:
Each stop on my tour is denoted and I love concept of hopping across the country.
When I first saw the graphic and heard the blog tour referred to as 'Fresh Quilting Across the USA", I couldn't help but think about Keith Richards. I just finished listening to his autobiography on my ipod and he went into great detail about life on the road with the Rolling Stones. Rest assured I have no plans to trash hotel rooms, get arrested, or do pretty much anything that he did on his tours. I think I'll just talk about the projects and giveaway books.
The tour begins next week and will include the following stops:








For those still interested in commenting to win the book I'm giving away, have no fear, those comments are open until Sunday, December 5 at 8:00 pm CST.

Have a wonderful weekend!


DianeY said...

It would have been a great time to visit Hawaii!I'd be there!

HollyM said...

I sure wish I lived close enough! The closest one to me is Burlington Vermont and I'm a bout 15 hours from there.

Erin said...

I got excited when I saw you were going to hit the west coast - then realized I'm out of town that day :( I'll catch you next time.
Have a great tour!

Andrea said...

Oh, yeah, baby - Vermont is the first stop! I'm right here, waiting to "see" you. Have a lovely tour, and congratulations on the new book.

Cara said...

Congrats! The book looks great - I can't wait to buy a copy.