Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bundles, Bundles, Bundles

Ok, you have spoken and I have least this time. There are new a stitch in color bundles in my store. This is probably it though, folks.
 I will be making up some Simple Marks Summer bundles as well, but not for a couple of weeks.
Initially I said I wasn't going to offer international shipping, but someone commented that I should price the shipping accurately and those that wanted it would buy it. True enough. I based my decision on the fact that one of my international customers purchased 4 bundles and paid about $20 in shipping, but I was charged $48 in shipping. And this at USPS. Anyway, not-so-long, yet not-so-interesting story aside, I'm charging what is the going rate for international shipping.
Other than that, nothing's changed. Go at it, Grasshoppers! (think Kung Fu on that one)


koubkovi said...

Couldn't find any bundles ;-( Are they all gone already or am I blind?

Sandy K. said...

Where is your store? My daughter is in the process of moving to the Austin area and if I come visit over the holidays I'd love to pop in for a look! So much color and pattern:)

Terrell said...

This is great!