Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Look what Abi did!

I taught a class at the Art Pad over winter break about crafting bags, etc. out of recycled and felted sweaters. At the last minute, my daughter, Abi, decided it might be more fun to come to my class then to sit at home with her big sisters. At first, she was only going to come for one day, but she ended up having so much fun, that she decided to visit for the entirety of the four-day workshop.
Anyway, I had precut the fronts and backs of the bag, so the focus was on embellishment. I taught the kids a few basic embroidery stitches, brought out buttons, beads, and felt and they took it from there. Abi's had her trademark image on it, a dog. This dog, however, has scuba gear on and is exploring the underwater world. He even has a fish caught in his goggles.
After decorating their bags, the kids sewed front and back together, added a lining, made eyelet holes for the straps, and proudly modeled their creations. I wish I had pictures of the other bags, but I was so caught up helping them and re-threading needles that I forgot to take any.

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