Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is why I should never talk about work in progress

Why? Because I always change my mind. I woke up this morning, looked at what was on my design wall, and just didn't like it. Mostly it felt like I'd done that before and there wasn't any excitement in the investigation. I also didn't like what was happening in the spaces between the pieced squares. The space was too congested and confusing. I've really been striving to work with words such as clean, fresh, designed running through my head. All I was seeing was cluttered. So, I separated the blocks and laid them on some uncut striped batik. I have two widths of stripes and I wanted to see how crucial it was for the width of the stripes in the blocks to be the same as the width of the background stripes.This is basically the same image, but with a lot more of the wider fabric included. I decided it was important that the width inside the square and in the background to be the same.
Here's the image a little further along and maybe even pieced some. True to form, I need to dye more of the background fabric before I can move along. Even worse, I have to dye white to lemon/lime(don't have that right now, would have to order from Dharma ) or could dye base color of lemon yellow, batik stripes, then over dye chartreuse.


wickedwarhol said...

These are all good stuff. Have u tried real batik design?

malka said...

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by real batik design. These fabrics are dyed with a wax resist. That's batik. Are you talking about traditional batik tools or images?