Monday, January 29, 2007


I keep stuff. I don't think it's an excessive amount of stuff, but others may differ. Anyway, I've got a "collection" of spools. Now, it's not a collection of antique, wooden spools. No, nothing that interesting. Rather, it's just a mass of spools that once were full of thread and now all the thread has been used. To make it even less exciting and adventurous, I didn't collect these spools off the table of America's most innovative and creative fiber artists, they're just left over from my own projects. Pretty underwhelming. But, for some reason, I think the baskets of empty spools are beautiful and I've been wondering for awhile what I wanted to make out of those spools. OK, I don't have that answered yet, but I did decide to play around with arranging them and taking pictures of those arrangements.

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