Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not a lot of words...

...just some pretty pictures.

Oh, and a quick shop note. There will be new bundles in the shop tomorrow and next Thursday, April 1, will be the launch date for the pillow/bundle "kits".


Blueberry Park said...

Those are gorgeous...particularly love the red and grey one you hav made the cushion out of

Marijke van Swaaij said...

Malka, I was going to say the same: red and grey: what a good combination!
On the photo of the pillow it seems that the stitching is not reinforcing the beauty (if you forgive me for saying so), but maybe in reality it is.
I was touched bij the words about shabbath, soundes like a very very good thing in your life. Do you do ALL the cooking in advance?
Gr. Marijke

henny said...

Red and grey! My colors...so beautiful.
Btw, thanks for your reply at Flickr.
I'll order the book.

Alma said...

More votes for red and grey! but they're all lovely

Kristine said...

And what amazing designs and photographs
Very lovely ;)

Tracey said...

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