Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Power to More Pillows

...or rather just pillow covers.
This time it's an improv version of the traditional pinwheels pattern, very similar to this mini quilt I made a few weeks back.
I had a few half-triangle squares leftover from that project and rather than find a completely different home for them, I opted to re-imagine the mini quilt as a pillow.
Add my go-to circular quilting and a little peak of selvedge from my a stitch in color fabrics and you've got one fun pillow top.
I love this typewriter fabric and have used it in several projects. It seems particularly appropriate here where the feel of this pillow is just a wee bit irreverent.
I added this little beauty to my shop yesterday, so I'm on track (so far) for regularly introducing new goodies to my store this month.


Vanesa said...

Beautiful! I love that bit of selvage on the front, it's like signing your artwork!

carol fun said...

Great pillow! I can't wait till your fabric hits the quilt stores - I just LOVE it!

house on hill road said...

i really love your bits of improv piecing, malka. stunning!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Wow - I am so amazed at your sense of color and how you mix and pair colors that I never would have guessed would look so good together. Fabulous!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Malka. Marvelous work, as usual! Really like the preceding pillow as well. The idea of circular quilting on a pillow is great.
best, nadia

susanj said...

Beautiful creative pillows. i have your stitch in color jelly rolls, and want to match them up with moda solids to make 4 quilts for 4grandsons. Could you suggest which solids would bethe best please. I don't want to use white for boys.
Thank you. Susan

pasqueflower said...

Love the colors and the whimsical feel of the pillow. And I also love the typewriter keys fabric on the back. Great project.

angela said...

I love this cover. I've experimented with quilting spirals and I just don't get it. Would you consider doing a post about how you quilt spirals? Thank you. P.S. I just got your book and I'm so excited about the projects!I live up the road 60 miles in Temple and am considering taking one of your classes at the Stitch Lab.