Thursday, March 8, 2007


Laughter is powerful stuff and having the type of personality that elicits giggles is a unique gift. My daughter, Rachel, has that rare ability to make people laugh. She brings on chuckles in a variety of ways. Sometimes she uses her intelligence to craft jokes or point out interesting ironies. Other times, Rachel employs less sophisticated means to bring on the smiles. Rachel is not above relying on bathroom humor or bodily functions to get people laughing. Anything that does the job appears to be fair game for her. I used to call her, "My Laughing Hyena". I chose that name not because she had an odd laugh, but because she was always laughing. I'm happy to say that her love of giggling and her passion for making others do the same has not diminished as she's gotten older. Rachel is a truly a funny and fun individual.

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