Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vacation Day

We've been on Spring Break here for the past week. Though, frankly, I'm not exactly sure what that means when you're home schoolers. As far as I'm concerned, it means I don't have to remind anybody to do anything. The girls had a rather long list of things they wanted to do and places they wanted to go. And, of course, there's still swim team practice to go to, twice a day, every day. This was further complicated by the fact that all the other families in our carpool went out of town, skiing...together(hey, does that mean something?). All this adds up to not as much uninterrupted time to work as I had envisioned for Spring Break.
Today was different. My husband took the day off and took all three girls to Six Flags/ Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. So, this is what I did on my real vacation day.I took pictures of the scarf I recently completed. I probably worked on this baby off and on for six months. I finally pushed through to the end and finished it the other day. This being Texas and March at that, I probably won't need it until next winter, but I really enjoy all the texture in this pattern and the yarn is a super soft alpaca.
I then finished machine quilting this and began binding it. I had, stupidly assumed that sewing the binding on would be fairly quick. I didn't account for the fact that I didn't want the binding to contrast with the body of the quilt, so I had to construct it out of little strips that matched the edges of the quilt(that doesn't really make any sense, but I'm comfortable with that). Long, and uninteresting, story short, it took hours to sew the binding on and I'm still in the process of hand sewing it to the backside of the quilt.
It's a well known fact that you can only spend so many hours hand sewing binding, so I took a little break and made this:A pillow top with the leftovers from some of the commercial fabrics I've been discharging and over dyeing.

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