Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two for Tuesday

Today, I'm posting two completed projects. One is a piece that I've posted about quite a bit and that I'm happy is finally finished. The other is something I made on a whim last Sunday afternoon.The photography here isn't great. I hate correcting for the light with Corel Draw because it always over brightens and the colors don't ring true. I also hate that it's yet another gray day here, so when I took this picture, I had to use my flash. I'll take other images of this quilt for show applications and, in that situation, I'll use my light set-up and bracketing. When I have those pictures, I'll post those as well. I just wanted to celebrate being done with this piece.
I'm really excited about this bag I made the other day. I combined several hand-dyed fabrics for the body, piping and lining and used some thrifted fabric for the handles and interior pocket.
Here's a close-up of my elephants. I have a wonderful copper stamp that I bought a couple years ago. I used it with wax resist to get a parade of elephants.


Kristin L said...

They are both beautiful. I love the rich colors, and the stripey quilt is my absolute favorite project you've shown in the last few months since I started reading your blog (OK, the discharged circles are pretty cool too). Kudos for finishing projects!

Malka Dubrawsky said...

Thanks for your encouragement and for visiting my blog.

kathy york said...

hi malka,
i recognize those circles/dots on your bag!! and i love both these pieces, and they both look good on my monitor!
oddly, i found a table leg in dallas that has a very similar circle as yours. can't wait to try it in some wax!
ps. i am really enjoying reading your blog, thanks for suggesting it!

Amy said...

Both projects are lovely and definitely things to celebrate. The stripes are so vibrant -- they just make the quilt burst with energy. I'm quite impressed that you dye your own fabrics.

Amy said...

Oh - That was Amy of http://happythings.typepad.com