Friday, October 26, 2007

Fabric foursome

Abi suggested that I start offering four packs of quarter yard pieces of fabric in my store. Her reasoning was that people might want more than one color way, but not want to buy four separate half yard pieces. I was pretty impressed with her business sense and this grouping is my first follow through on her idea. I'm planning on making more color ways and more patterns, but, for now, this is what I have. I've also got some plans for new items. More about that later. Have a wonderful weekend!


Michelle said...

Wow! Your fabrics are stunning! And your quilts just beautiful! I surfed in here through someone?? I don't even remember now. But I'll definitely be back!

What techniques do you use for dyeing? I've been wanting to learn how to dye my own fabric and have been doing some online research. Your stuff is so lovely! And the patterns on them! How do you get that? What types of fabric do you like to work with?

Sorry, this comment is turning into a book! Oh and I love love love your coasters!

Tamar said...

I am so glad I snagged myself a set of these!