Monday, October 8, 2007

Do Overs

Does this piece look familiar? It's not the same one I pictured in a post in July. It's a recreation. I've mentioned before that I'm not big on making the same thing twice. This redo was inspired not by artistic curiosity, but by the United States Postal Service.
I listed this quilt in my shop and was happy when, in early August, it sold to someone in England. I made my way to the local post office, filled out a customs form, and shipped it off via international first class. Several weeks passed and the buyer contacted me and told me that the quilt had never arrived. I made inquiries here; she made inquiries there and we came to find out that the quilt probably never left the US.
At one point in the search I was informed by a postal official that I was, "out of luck." In other words they didn't know where the package was and they weren't planning on looking for it.
At this point I emailed my patient customer and told her that I'd make her another quilt like the first and send that out ASAP. So, here's my redo. It goes out today, but this time via UPS.


Jellybeanlupin said...

Hello. I can't remember how I found your blog the other day, but I am so glad I did. I find your work totally inspiring - both for your use of such amazingly vivid colours and for the very er... stripey feel your work posseses. Two qualities I am always drawn to. Thank you so much for sharing with the rest of the world!!

Judy said...

That must have been such a bummer for you.........but the redo is fabulous!

So, now I'm no longer lurking, but delving into your archives and will leave comments here. That's not exactly lurking, is it?