Thursday, October 18, 2007


Just a quick pop in to post a close up of a new work in progress.

Hopefully, I'll have a full view in the next couple days. I'm juggling several projects right now. But, my husband is taking the girls to Dallas for the State Fair tomorrow, so I have two days to myself. WOOHOO!


millie said...

I was very excited to check back in with your blog and see so many posts. You have been very busy. It will be great to have two days where you really can focus. I just have one little boy, but it has been an adjustment for me. I have a lot of project ideas running through my head, a few that I have even started, but completing them takes a lot more that it used to. Thanks again for the inspiration and motivation. I can't wait to check out Signs and Symbols.

gwensmom said...

I got both the books and a few others like them and have been looking at them over and over!

The quilting on your new project is great- you stitched around all those little circles.

Enjoy your two days and don't forget to post!