Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I tricked myself

Have you noticed? Have you noticed? I've been posting daily for over a week now. It all happened because I was so frustrated with my blogging infrequency that I started to think about what might be the cause of my blog neglect. I concluded that it was pressure, self-imposed of course. I felt like whenever I posted it should be well thought out and meaningful. Well, that was one sure fire way to make me dread blogging. It's kind of the same thing that happens when I start a journal. I worry too much about making my writing interesting or witty. After a little while, I can't take the expectations anymore and I quit.
Well, the other day I gave myself permission to just post a picture or even just pop in to say hello. It was all good as long as I consistently posted. What do you know? That did the trick.
In keeping with my new policy, today I don't have a book to feature( though they'll be more of that later) or lots of new work to showcase. I just have a few humble coasters, recently completed and added to my shop.
Oh, and some new dyed and batiked fabric in my full circle design.


Samantha said...

I get into blogging ruts myself for the same reason- must have just the right thing to say/just the right photo to post. Maybe if iease up I will post moer- I've so enjoyed everything you have shared lately!

jude said...

i've noticed....like a light show, great color displays....

Jenni-Raie said...


i'll be back.