Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tuesday walk

Every afternoon around 3:30, the girls and I get in the car for the trek to their various swim team practices. Through a confluence of events, the two older ones belong to one swim team and the youngest swims somewhere else. Luckily, one pool is on the way to the second, but neither is exactly around the corner. Most days, bringing the various swimmers home is not my responsibility. Usually, my husband retrieves the little one and the older ones get a ride from a fellow swimmer who lives nearby. This is the case most days, except Tuesday. And, most Tuesdays I drop off my charges and head home to get an hour's worth of studio time before going back to the pool. This Tuesday, I decided to do something different with time I had free while Abi swam.
Not too far from where Abi's team practices is a park. I used to take Abi there when she was little, too little to swim, and the older girls were at their practice. Most of my previous experience with the park involved the playscape, but I knew that there was a nature trail nearby. This Tuesday was a good day to explore.

The two year old in me has always loved the way bodies look in shadow. When you see yourself this way you're always elongated and exaggerated. It always makes me smile and think,"Hey, look how tall I really am."

I made a new friend.I got to enjoy a luxurious hour or so wandering the paths behind the swings and messing around with my camera. It was a lovely way to "wait" for Abi.

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gwensmom said...

What a refreshing break from the everyday. It does your soul good.