Friday, March 28, 2008


Thanks everyone for all your words of encouragement about my "writing assignment" and my little quilt. Actually, that little quilt has got me thinking about a gardening lecture I went to several years back. I don't remember the speaker's name, but I do remember that he talked about his gardening credo that a beautiful garden doesn't rely entirely on flowers in bloom. He emphasized the importance of creating interest by selecting plants that have different foliage colors and textures. He even mentioned the value of factoring in the plant's growing habit in choosing which plants to pair in your garden. How does this relate to my little quilt? First, all this sewing is causing me to neglect my garden. And second, I definitely tried not to rely on color in this quilt. I intentionally limited my spectrum of colors and values to blur the simple pattern of the blocks. I found it weirdly calming. Maybe that's why I can envision it as a quilt on my bed. Though I probably can't work that way full time, it's a nice respite to quiet the colors sometimes.

And since I often work out ideas as pillow tops, I made this pillow with the same intent as the mini quilt and many of the same fabrics.

I did use one fabric that is very special to me, but it's not because I patterned it myself.

The yellow polka-dot fabric is cute(if not a little wrinkled), but it's specialness comes from it having been the curtains in my eldest's room when she was a baby. She's 16 now, so that was awhile back. I saved them all this time and pulled them out the other day because I wanted to include them in my aforementioned bed quilt. Since self-control is not my strong suit I used some in both the front and back of this pillow. Not to worry though, there's plenty more.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


If you spend your time writing instructions of any kind, I have a new found respect for you. I've spent the better part of March working on a project that required me to sew some stuff(I don't think I'm supposed to be more specific than that), a process I'm very comfortable with and enjoy, and then explain how I sewed that stuff. It's the second part that filled me with dread. But I did it and it feels so good to be on the other end of this project. I will admit however that last night my dreams were all about writing instructions. I'm hoping for something a little more interesting tonight.
Anyway, I'm feeling a little depleted as far as writing goes, so I'll focus on pictures.
I always seem to find the time to make new fabric. I think it's because it's an easy creative outlet. I don't really have to think a lot while I'm applying wax to fabric.

I finished this mini quilt before the crunch of this month began, but I just recently installed one of those hanging wires. I've really enjoyed looking at this quilt against the backdrop of my much-loved green bedroom wall. I may even make a bed sized quilt based on this design.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Do I look different? I've lost my innocence. I've been tagged for the first time. Kathy over at Pink Chalk Studios named my blog in her 7 things about me blog entry.

In order to play along I've got to name 7 things about me, list 7 of my favorite weblogs and send those folks an email letting them know they're IT.
I'm going to confess that I actually got Kathy's email on Tuesday, but I haven't posted until today because I was lamenting what the 7 things about myself should be. Well, I'm done contemplating. I'm ready with my list.
1. Despite my reaction to the requirements of this meme, I'm not a person who contemplates decisions at length. That's why my husband and I can not go to the grocery store together. I walk down the aisles and get whatever mayonnaise is within reach, he wants to weigh the merits of each brand.
2. I despise Daylight Saving Time. I'm a morning person and, though I know there are still 24 hours in the day, I feel like more darkness means a shorter day for me. I want my hour back!
3. I no longer call the water heater a "hot water heater". My former brother-in-law was a plumber and once he joined the family, we were all discouraged from using this redundant phrase. I rarely see him since he and my sister-in-law divorced, but I still call that thing in the garage that heats the water a "water heater".
4. I don't really mind the heat in Texas. I know that complaining about it is a very popular pastime, but I love the quality of the light in the summer, so I can't bemoan the season.
5. I hate Barton Springs. There, I said it. Most of you have no idea what I'm talking about, but in Austin, them's fighting words. Barton Springs is a spring fed pool in Austin, a town famous for it's swimming holes. I love to swim. I love springs, creeks, rivers, etc. I don't love to swim in springs, creeks, rivers, etc. I'm a huge fan of chlorination and that's where I do my swimming.
6. I once had a neighbor stop speaking to me because I made an offhand mention of my dislike for Barton Springs. She eventually did speak to me, but there was always this underlying tension.
7. I have actually really enjoyed creating this list, despite my initial trepidation. Thanks, Kathy for the opportunity.

As for my favorite blogs, well I wish you could see my long list of bookmarks. But in the interest of naming 7, here goes:

I'm off to send those emails. Happy Weekend everyone!

Friday, March 7, 2008


I'm on my own this weekend as everyone in my family is either swimming in a meet or facilitating the act of swimming in a meet. That's given me an extra few minutes to finish up some projects and even jot down a thought or two.

This week I finished a large fabric order and sent it off. The perfectionist in me really came out in this order. I was actually completely out of white cotton when this order came in, but figured I'd go down to Joann's and buy some. I always use pima cotton for my dye work because it has such a high thread count. This dense weave allows the dye to really soak in and makes the fabric easy to boil out. Well, I thought I'd try a different kind of cotton and ended up having to redo the entire order. All 14 pieces. The colors just didn't shimmer on the surface and the wax wasn't going to be budged. I'm happy with how the fabric eventually came out after I went back to the store and bought pima cotton. But I wish the process had gone a little more smoothly.
I added some items to my shop this week. Some are similar to things I've made in the past, but with a new twist.

This pillow is based on the same baby quilt as some other recent pillows, but the focus is on a single square rather than multiple squares.

And this pillow is similar to others where I've used my hand dyed and batik fabric as whole cloth tops. This one just features a different color way.

I've made coasters before, but it's been a while and, despite the snow(that's if you can call a few tiny flurries, snow), I'm feeling very spring-like today.
There is one really new item in my shop, though again, it's not completely new, it's more of a variation.

I wanted to call these "Bundle O'stitch in dye Fabric", but the Etsy listing process wouldn't let me. So, I've stuck to proper English and entitled these packs,"Bundle of...." Anyway they are 5x5" squares of a variety of fabrics. Each pack has 18 squares and is just waiting for assembly into something fabulous. Best of all, no batteries are required.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I have another Irma treasure to share. This one is particularly special for a couple of reasons.

The first has to do with the memories these evoke. When my husband was a boy he lived just a few blocks from his Great Aunt Irma. Being that she was an elderly woman and needed help with her garden, he would often go over to her house to pull weeds or plant flowers. Afterwards, she would invite him for tea and cookies. Now, he wasn't much of a tea drinker, but the cookies were pretty appetizing. Irma, however, had this eclectic collection of tea cups and she liked to enjoy her tea in a china cup and saucer.

Even though my husband wasn't necessarily partaking of the tea, he realized that using these special cups transformed this afternoon snack into a delicate repast.

My mother-in-law says this is the teacup that Irma always set out for her when she visited. She remembers how much she loved the roses that decorate the interior of this cup.

This one is my favorite. It's a commemorative cup and saucer from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

I have a favorite because I use the cups and saucers. And that's the second reason these teacups are so special; they're still in use. Irma was right. Sipping tea out of these makes something ordinary into a celebration.