Friday, September 26, 2008

More Circles

Aren't circles grand? I think so. I've been thinking for a while of different ways to make circles and recently decided to try my hand at appliqueing them.

I had originally made these circles and appliqued them on to squares of fabric. My thinking was that I would sew the squares together like I do with my dyed twinkle quilts. But when I tried that it just didn't seem to work. Each circle needed a little surrounding space.

In the end I opted to baste each of the squares on to a piece of hand dyed linen and leave the edges raw. I had this vision that I would "glue" the squares on to the backing fabric with the quilting.

This little square is my feeble attempt to be clever. It's there, but not really. Get it? I did admit the attempt was feeble, but I do like the way it stands out from the other squares.
I'm pretty happy with the way this little quilt turned out and it's sparked all sorts of new ideas. So, expect to see more circles here.

Thanks to all of you who commented on the progress of my king size Twinkle quilt. In answer to those who asked about how I make the circles, I wanted to let you know that I'm working on something to explain that technique and hope to have it ready in a couple months. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quick and Dirty

Sometimes it feels like the days are so full that I hardly have a second to think. I know you know what this is like. 9:20 pm I'd be fast asleep. But tonight I was determined that before I went to bed I would post something...anything here. The funny thing is I've got images to post. What I lack lately is that quiet time it takes to put my thoughts together. Well I'm rebelling against that reality and posting despite the lateness of the hour and the rambling that's going on in the background. I'm also determined to post because I am practically halfway through my twinkle king size quilt.
Check this out:

Am I the only one who hears Jon Bon Jovi singing, "Oh, we're halfway there!"?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shop Newz

I have to smile having just intentionally misspelled the word news. My uncle Shlomo, now sadly deceased, used to rail against the American propensity for intentional misspellings. The word night written as nite on a highway billboard would set him off about the bad example this brand of spelling error was setting for the youth of this country. Looking back, I realize that his rant was slightly tongue in cheek, but I have to wonder what he would think of the inundation of our culture and language with email influenced shortenings like LMK and LOL.
What does that have to do with the title of this post? Uh...nothing. I'm a stream of consciousness kind of thinker and stuff just comes to mind.
Anyway, I've added some new items to my shop and thought I'd showcase them here first.

Both these pieces are made with what I call "low volume" fabrics. I really enjoy working with intense colors, but these fabrics offer me a respite. I need that every once in a while so I can return to color with a fresh eye. Also, it really lets me focus on the graphic quality of these fabrics.

I love the simplicity of these items. They feel fresh, and making them is almost a cleansing experience. I actually currently working on several pieces that are raucous with color, but I'm sure I'll need to make more of these kinds of things down the road. I guess it's just a matter of balance.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog Pictures

You want to hear something funny? Not funny, ha-ha, but funny, strange. I organize all of my pictures in one folder labeled "blog pictures". Now that in and of itself isn't so strange. What's odd is that most of the pictures that I designate for my blog don't usually end up there. They go over to flickr or my etsy store, but not all that many make an appearance here. At this point I should probably vow to turn over a new leaf and change my neglectful ways, but I know myself better than that. I'll just have to chalk this up as one of my many faults and turn to other things.
Like this:

I've been making hand dyed and batiked camera straps. These are so fun and easy and fun and quick and fun to make.

That last one is reversible. I guess technically they all are, but the others are the same on both sides and this one isn't. They're all adjustable because I bought these cute little ladder locks.

It took me a few minutes to figure exactly how to attach them, but I think I have the hang of it. One thing I should make note of in the future is that anything that needs to be used in pairs should be purchased in even amounts. Next time I won't buy 25.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Current Temperature:: 95 Degrees

Perfect winter knitting weather, huh? I think so.

Actually, if you live in Texas and you wait until the weather gets cold to knit for winter, you won't finish the project in time to wear it. The season is just too short. Also, having made quite a few summer tops and dresses this year, I'm ready to sew and knit for the other season we have here. The saying is that in Texas we only have two seasons: summer and winter.
I'm itching to get started on two patterns in particular, a new hat design by brooklyntweed author Jared Flood and the February Lady Sweater. In fact when I drove to my LYS, air conditioning blasting because, hey, it's hot here, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they had already knit up a sample version of this cardigan. And, the owner is currently working on her own version. Wonderful examples of this sweater have been turning up on flickr lately, but it looks like I'll be spying it in the streets of my very own hometown as well. That is, once the mercury reads below 90.