Monday, April 23, 2012

Something new, but not necessarily blue

I'm working on a new class series for my local and lovely, Stitch Lab, and wanted to present a bit of a teaser for you folks close enough to attend.
The focus of this class series is essentially a block of the month, but rather than present an already established pattern, I've decided to design the blocks myself and for each block to teach a specific, yet simple technique. Also, since I'm a huge fan of the fabric offerings at Stitch Lab, each block will feature a grouping of fabrics available at the Lab.
My first block is constructed out of half-triangle squares and highlights the wonderful and color rich collection of stripes in Kaffe Fasset's collection. I love so many things about these fabrics, their linen-like feel, intensity of color and the way combining them creates secondary and tertiary designs. I love getting more design bang for my piecing buck.
Today's task is to craft the Moda Bella solids I picked out into the second block in the series.
For those of you wondering when all this fun will start, check the July/August schedule when it is published. And, if those months don't work for you, have no fear; I anticipate this being an ongoing offering.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fields:: A Skirt

When my middle daughter was little she used to mispronounce the word, remember, as mender. I loved it for all the reasons a parent finds their child's quirky takes on things endearing. I still occasionally turn to her and ask, "Mender when...?"
Well, in that spirit, mender when I said I was going to make a skirt just like these, but in my own fabrics?
You mender that? Well, I did, kinda, sorta.
As promised, I did make the skirt using the same pattern with the same modifications and the skirt is made out of my fabric. But, not in my a stitch in color fabric. Rather I used some of my hand dyed and patterned fabric in a new print, Fields. I haven't decided if I'm going to reproduce it in my usual palette or even if I want to add this pattern to my store. I was just playing and making fabric with really no endpoint in mind.
Initially, I thought I'd use the fabric to make a bag, but then I mendered my promise to make a skirt out of my own fabric and a project was born.
In the end I did include a little bit of fabric from my a stitch in color collection. I made the waistband facing in the Pebbles fabric in yellow and orange. No one will see that cute, little addition, but I'll stop every once in a while and mender it's there.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Show and Tell :: Interactive Edition

I've been finishing up a sample for an upcoming class at Stitch Lab and thinking about a new project. This is not exactly the one I mentioned in a previous post, but it is new and big and pretty exciting. In order for me though to see if it has any legs (or arms or any other appendages), I'm going to need your help, dear reader. I'm looking for stories. What kind of stories? Stories associated with quilts. Quilts that mean something to you, that represent a beloved person, that have a story behind them. Ideally these stories aren't about what quilts in general mean to you, but what a specific quilt in your life has meant because it represents or tells a specific story. Capiche? Also ideally, you have an image of this quilt or still own it or at least you know in detail what it looked like. Think NPR"s Story Core project, but in terms of quilts.

Right now, I'm just looking to see what I can gather. So, if you have a story about a quilt that fits this description, please email me a brief synopsis. My email is
I have no idea what kind of response I'm going to get or how long it will take to cull through these stories, so don't get sad if I don't respond right away. I do promise to send each one of you an email reply thanking you for your contribution and will have to wait and see before I can let anyone know anything more. If that's good for you, then please send your story my way.

By way of quilt inspiration, I'm sharing this one with you.
If you're local and you'd like to join me in learning how to make this supersize block, click here to find out everything you need to know...and maybe a little more.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scrap Box Blocks:: Part 2

A couple of you have asked if I have a pattern for this block. Well, the answer is, not yet. I'm working on a big, big project (no, not another book) and this will definitely be part of that. The beauty of this project is that I'm the maker and director, so I get to decide what and when things will be previewed. Oh, the delicious power! So, here's a couple views of the finished mini quilt.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Scrap Box Blocks

This morning I was at Stitch Lab teaching a one student. That might seem like a bit of a bummer, but, in actuality, a couple things made it otherwise.
The first thing that made today's class into an opportunity was the fact that teaching one student means that I can sew along with that student. Once I give instruction, there's really no reason why I shouldn't work on a project too. In fact, it makes for a more social class. We sew. We talk. We sew some more.
Knowing that I only had one student, I came prepared with a project in mind. I also brought some fabric, though, truth be told, I am at Stitch Lab, and could purchase yards and yards worth of great fabric. Instead, I decided to rely on the fabric I brought with maybe a supplement or two from the communal scrap box we keep at the lab.
I'm thinking that today's scrap box blocks should become a new mini quilt.

The other thing that made this morning's class so wonderful was the student herself. Now, most students are super enthusiastic and fun, but this gal was all that and an amazing inspiration as a person. She works for Green Doors and helps folks who are homeless "achieve independent living." Just listening to her talk about the work she does with children and adults who are struggling just to be and sensing the real love she has for the people she encounters was enough to make for a beautiful morning. Add some sewing to that and...people, we have nirvana.