Wednesday, April 10, 2013

E Block Pillow Rises From Dead

I mentioned last time that I'm clearing out spaces and discovering all manner of unfinished and near finished projects. Actually I'm slightly astounded by how far along a project can be and still be abandoned. This pillow top, constructed out of my hand dyed and patterned fabrics was 99% complete and yet I didn't take it all the way to the goal line. Go figure?
I'm glad I unearthed it though, finished a seam or two, quilted, and backed it because it makes a lovely pillow.
There's also something weirdly satisfying about reviving a nearly dead project and making use of it. It's like cutting up holey clothes to work into patchwork. It just appeals to us(you know who you are) in a very basic way.
Also, lest you think this is the only project receiving a healthy dose of resuscitation, I'm working on an abandoned dress as well as have the potential for 4 other pillow tops.  And, that might be a conservative estimate. Seems like what I thought was not a hot idea in the past looks downright brilliant to me now!
Before I conclude this entry I should say that, if you like the pattern you see in this pillow, you'll be happy with at least one of the patterns in my newest collection for Moda. The collection doesn't preview until the Fall, but this print, in various wonderful colors, is definitely included.

Monday, April 8, 2013

What's on My Wall

News Flash: I'm selling my house. Or, more accurately, I'm getting my house ready to sell. The market is super hot(Yay!) here in Austin, Texas and with it being just myself and my daughter, I'm ready to downsize a bit. So, in preparation for putting it on the market, I'm clearing out stuff. Sound simple so far? Yeah, not so simple.
I'm not by nature a sentimental person. I don't hang on to every picture my girls ever drew or every garment they wore. Truth be told, I'm pretty ruthless when it comes to discarding things. Haven't used it in the past few years? Add it to the giveaway pile. No anxiety. No regrets.
Except when it comes to fabric and sewn bits and pieces. 
Right now I'm clearing my studio space and I keep coming across an idea just barely sketched out in needle and thread, but, hey, maybe I could rescue it from the land of unrealized and bring it to it's much deserved fruition. At least that's the way my thinking goes.
In fairness to my semi-delusional self, I do have some base standards. I will completely abandon a stray block or two that I knew, even at the time I fist conceived the idea, I have no real interest in. I'm also pretty good about casting off project beginnings that were so complicated that I abandoned them because I could feel my blood pressure rising at the thought of working on them.
So, with that justification, I'm working on finishing or, in some cases, re-imagining some of these ideas. Is this the best use of my time?, I should be culling things down, not creating, but if I were that singly focused, I probably wouldn't have come up with these ideas in the first place.