Wednesday, May 21, 2008


If I kept my blog as up-to-date as I do my flickr page, I' a different person. I'm a very visual person, so updating pictures is not difficult for me. And I take pictures pretty much every day, so I've always got the visual part covered. Writing, however doesn't come as easily to me. Add to that the heck and peck way I type and you've got the recipe for infrequent blog updates.
Be that as it may, here I am putting virtual pen to paper and sharing with you some exciting news. I've had to keep mum about this for several months, but now that the book's been published, I figure I can post about it.

I am very excited to have four of my designs included in Stefani Girard's Sweater Surgery. Like the title implies this book is all about crafting with recycled sweaters felted or otherwise.

My projects are scattered throughout the book.

I even have a two page spread in the gallery section.

Best of all though, my patchwork keyhole scarf is one of the projects featured in this book. It is kind of amazing to me how the editor condensed my lengthy instructions into 4 easy steps. But, they're really all you need to know to make the scarf. There are several other projects that caught my eye, but, considering that the summer heat has already started here in Austin, I probably won't be taking on any sweater projects right now.

Friday, May 9, 2008


If yesterday's theme was getting twice the bang for my buck (warning: I'm unnaturally fond of cliches), then today's motif is "what's old is new again".
Here's the proof:

I started this backpack a year ago as a demo for a sewing class I was teaching. I didn't bother to finish it because I didn't need a finished product to explain the techniques and I didn't really need a back pack. Well, now I do.
Ever since my eldest started driving I've been without a car most afternoons. At first I thought this was ideal. I could work in my studio without anyone complaining that I hadn't taken care of an errand or stopped by the store for milk. If there was rumbling to that effect, I'd just shrug my shoulders and say," I'm sorry, but I didn't have the car today." And, on the whole, I'm happy with my no-car-half-the-day situation. Sometimes though I need to get to the post office or I have a meeting or I need to run to the store(fabric not grocery). Up until this week, I would wait until my husband got home from work and use his car. But that meant waiting until 7:00pm when, because I'm a morning person, my eyelids often start to feel a little droopy. This week, however, I decided to solve my mobility issue and ride my bike. Frankly, I can't believe it took me so long to come to this solution, but I'm glad I did. And, I'm having so much fun riding my bike around town. This decision naturally necessitated some sewing, right? So, I resurrected the backpack from the bottom of a pile and finished it.

I was so happy that I hadn't just gotten rid of it or recycled the fabric into something else. I really needed a backpack now and with a few stitches I had one.

I also bought myself a new helmet, just to be safe.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Today's post is a chance to kill two birds with one stone, not literally of course. I'm taking the opportunity to update the Renegade prep process as well as highlight another Great Aunt Irma treasure.

I'm going to state the obvious. This is a cake stand that would make Martha Stewart proud. It probably dates back to the fifties. I'm sure Martha would know all the relevant information. I, unfortunately don't. But I think its beautiful and I have used at numerous celebrations and dinners. This plate stand makes the crappiest cake look like it came out of the Cordon Bleu.

But wait. There's more. It comes in incredibly handy when you're taking pictures of stuff like these coasters. And, as an added bonus, I didn't have to wash it afterwards.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


The sewing for the Renegade Craft Fair has started in earnest and I've even added a set on my flickr page to preview some of the items that I'll have available. I've created a ridiculously over ambitious schedule for crafting items for the fair, but that's pretty much standard operating procedure for me. No need to be realistic about my time or my need to sleep more than two hours a night or how cranky I get if I don't swim. My only saving grace is that I'm aware of how delusional I can be.

I'm actually really excited about the whole process. I work well with deadlines as long as they're not too far in the future.

My plan right now is to focus on making pillow covers, fabric, coasters, and maybe a few totes. I've also thought about making some camera straps like the one I made for my Pentax. I think I could just purchase the parts that would allow the strap to hook on to the camera. I've gotten a positive response to the strap I made and am contemplating making a second one for my digital camera. I'd love some feedback on that. Also, if anyone has been to Renegade in the past and would like to share their impressions of the fair, I'd really appreciate hearing that as well.